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Florina, GREECE

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Tsoukas "Knitted" Candle Workshop is a small, traditional candle store that provides original, hand-made candles in Florina, Greece. The company has a history that dates back to the 19th century when our descentants established the first candle store in the city of Bitola, today part of FYROM. Around 1920 they moved to Florina and continued their candlemaking business there. The handicraft itself is much older and dates back to the byzantine times. The knitted candles are produced by a long cord made of beewax and wick that is knitted by hands to various shapes that you see. The persons that run the company are Dimitrios and Evangelos Tsoukas.

Dimitrios Tsoukas


Mr. Dimitrios Tsoukas was born in Florina, Greece. His parents decended from Monastiri (Bitola), FYROM (then Yugoslavia). He followed the traditional handcraft of his family and was occupied with the Candle making. As it is shown by his creatures, which are exhibited world-wide in the past, Mr Tsoukas has talent, knowledge, abilities and deep love for a forgotten handcraft that remains unknown to the public.

Mr. Tsoukas has taken part in many international Handcraft exhibitions and is a member

of the International Guilt of Candle Artisans (IGCA).